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For close to three decades now, Sean Michael Waters has been traveling the globe designing large upscale residences for his very loyal clientele.  SMW is most notable for his ability to integrate his great respect for fine architecture and his use of the principles of Scale and Proportion in all of his projects.  He equally balances those principles; with his artful knowledge of color, fabrics, texture and the artistry involved in their combination  SMW's great leadership qualities have enabled him to be skilled and proficient in the role of project manager on countless large scale construction projects.  


"It is the responsibility of the Design Professional to lead all the various trades througout the course of a project. Speaking their language and being educated in their individual job descriptions makes a large renovation project much easier to undertake.  Of course being very organized is an essential ingredient as well.  Bottom line, everything that happens on a job site comes from an idea that I have had, therefore, common sense tells you who ends up the most accountable and I take that responsibility very seriously"


Sean Michael Waters has been a career man for as long as he can remember.  He learned very early on what it means to be a dedicated professional.  SMW was a successful actor and model when he was a young man and was a long standing member of the Screen Actors Guild/AFTRA.   He appeared in dozens of national commercials, countless print ads & campaigns along with various bit parts in movies and television.  Most notably, SMW’s face was on the Cheerios box from 1980 through 1986.


Switching gears and careers, Sean Michael Waters is a graduate of The New York School of Interior Design.  Even though he received an above average Interior Design education at NYSID, SMW has always considered his actual Design training having begun the day he started working.


"Being a wide eyed youthful Design student was wonderful, it truly was.  I used to spend every free waking moment that I had haunting all the fabulous fabric showrooms, auction houses, antique stores or simply just hitting the pavement acclimating myself with all of New York City's spectacular Design resources.  I was outrageously thirsty for design knowledge" 


SMW spent the next several years working for some of this country's leading Interior Design firms.  Those very formative years were spent thriving as a team player at firms such as Steven M. Park, Inc., Kenneth Alpert & Associates and Geoffrey Bradfield, Inc.  While employed with these notable Interior Designers, SMW served as project manager on hundreds of large upscale design projects for some very high profile and influential clientele.  


"There were the traditional years where I spent much of my creative time scouring the endless antique & auction Resources that Europe and the United States have to offer and then, alas, came the modern years where my time was spent keeping abreast of what was fresh, innovative and exciting.  Now that I have my own business, I do both"


After SMW’s tenure in those prestigious firms was complete, he decided that 2005 was the appropriate time for him to branch out and open his own boutique Interior Design firm, Sean Michael Waters Design & Decoration.  


"Some Designer's are comfortable working their entire careers for a firm.  Other professional's choose to become educators in the Design industry.  For myself, I have always known that I have had my own unique Design philosophy, vision and professional confidence to head up my own business. Therefore, it was just a matter of time until I pulled the trigger on that decision."


Sean Michael Waters has spent his career pushing the creative limits, always managing to think outside the box.  He is always looking to add additional skills to his roster of creative abilities.  During the past several years, SMW has mastered the art of modern painting, upholstery, jewelry making, staging, antiquing furniture and faux painting and is always on the hunt for the next great interesting thing.  He is known amongst his inner circle as a creative machine, always exploring the new and exciting.


In my early career, I was the type of Designer who never got his hands dirty.  I do not think I even owned a hammer.  Then, after some soul searching and extensive traveling, I realized that I could excel even further in my profession if I understood how things were built.  I am also a big believer that one of the ways to stay happy in life is to have several hobbies.  Life is so interesting when you allow yourself to get interested.  So one day I bought a tool box and got busy.  In my spare time, I have spent so many peaceful hours creating the most beautiful pieces for my clients, family and friends.”


Participating in charitable events, holiday Design competitions and Designer Show Houses has been one of SMW’s greatest career accomplishments.  His charitable resume includes such organizations as; The American Heart Foundation, The March of Dimes, CHILDHELP USA and The Junior League.   SMW has lent his creative hand to these organizations with glamorous table settings and award winning holiday festival themes.  In addition, SMW has been a twice participant in the NYC Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club Designer Show House and was the winner of one of the DIFFA Events – “Dining by Design” produced by Elle Décor.  


“I love working on charity events.  I am especially proud of all the work I have done to help CHILDHELP USA.  They are an amazing organization doing some outstanding work in this world.  I have spent fifteen years lending my time, energy and talent working on several events and have had the privilege to meet and work with some truly amazing people.”


Since the firm's inception in 2005, Sean Michael Waters Design & Decoration has thrived as the best choice for several adoring and appreciative clients.  SMW has successfully completed residences in such wonderful locations such as; New York City, N.Y., * Scottsdale, Arizona * Alpine, New Jersey * Southampton, New York * Chevy Chase, DOC * Mobile, Alabama * and up and down the Florida Coast in sunspots such as Vero Beach, Winter Park, Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Jacksonville, Florida. 


"Having my own firm was the wisest decision I have ever made.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the consistent traveling, the flourishing Design freedom and most of all, the ability to exercise the exceptional Interior Design training that I received."






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